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Student Internship Opportunities Heintz Media Group

Remote Internship opportunities are available beginning in September for qualified student candidates interested is a career in the media, marketing, or journalism.

Illuminate IC Staff Writers

Heintz Media Group Internships

Location: Remote Date Posted: 7/08/2022

Description: Heintz Media Group is offering non-paid internships to qualified student candidates interested is a career in the media, marketing, or journalism. Candidates may choose one of three specific tracks listed below or any combination. All candidates must receive academic credit for their participation.



TV & Content Development: This internship, offered by Heintz Media Productions, is an opportunity to view the inner workings of the business of television development. Candidates, at the very least, should be prepared to conduct research on various subjects. If you can edit or shoot video you’re ahead of the curve. Writing and general storytelling skills are also important. There are very little, if any, actual production opportunities offered. In addition to research tasks, interns may be involved in treatment and story development.

Content & Integrated Marketing: This internship, offered by Illuminate IC, focuses on the inner workings of content marketing. This includes social media and newsletter campaigns for clients, as well as writing for managed newsfeeds. The work will be on a variety of projects ranging from editorial research to managing digital platforms on short corporate projects. Interns will also have the opportunity to work with web and newsletter development software.

Editorial & Writing: This internship, offered by Illuminate IC, is just what its title suggests. Primary responsibilities will be editorial which includes mostly research and writing. Interns will be assigned to write for agency managed newsfeeds. Our goal is to make you a better writer and have 2-4 byline credits when your internship is completed.


Requirements: You must be a team player who can think on your feet and learn fast. Creative writing and storytelling skills are important. Video skills are nice but not required. This is a perfect opportunity for students interested in a career in writing and digital production.

Candidates should be willing to work 2-4 days a week. Our goal is to make this a worthwhile learning experience.

Contact: Submit resume, brief cover letter, work samples & references to:

Sam Hanson:

No Phone Calls. Please send resume and samples as attachments

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