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about us

After 15 years working as a television reporter in 10 different media markets, Les Heintz came to the conclusion that there was more to life than a minute, 15 seconds and a standup! He launched Heintz Media Group and never looked back.

HMG has a diverse client base ranging from major television networks to corporate brands to non-profit organizations to political campaigns. They only thing we will never do is say “no” to a client in need!

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our work

Our client base and our portfolio are both wide-ranging. HMG has produced 30 second spots for clients as well as prime-time series in the factual entertainment space. We provide advice and counsel to major political campaigns. We write speeches and published Op-Ed columns. We helped individuals and other production companies get their series aired on major networks. We also live in the digital space… designing and developing dynamic websites as part of a content marketing strategy.

By 2018, our services became so diverse that our clients were getting … well… a bit confused. They began asking a fair question. “What do you do?”

The solution was simple. We divided HMG into three distinct brands which offer specialized services.

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our offerings

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Illuminate IC is our strategic marketing division. It is much more than a web design and development agency. Illuminate IC is founded on the belief that content marketing is a vital tool to connect with your customers, constituents or members. We integrate your brand and message into entertaining/interesting content that is important to your key audience. It builds your brand and your organization.

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Heintz Media Productions is our core. We are storytellers and television producers who work on visual platforms. We develop and produce factual based series and ad content to run on television, streaming and digital platforms. Besides people love talking about TV!

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Heintz Media Consulting is basically everything else in the business! Sometimes our clients need our advice, skill and ability to make deals in the media landscape. It may be writing and placing an Op-Ed piece on an established news platform or finding a broadcast partner for an iconic TV series that has been off the air for a few years. It may be securing a guest role for a client on a morning talk show or a campaign seeking a way to shape an issue to connect directly with its constituency.

Bottom line: We help our clients solve problems by leveraging the experience, the creativity and the connections of our founder.

Les Heintz

Les Heintz

Les Heintz is an award-winning television producer, media executive and independent writer. He has extensive experience in journalism, non-fiction television, marketing and media consulting.

Heintz has created, produced and directed prime-time series for multiple cable networks. His television screen credits include Executive Producer, Writer, Director and Producer on platforms such as Public Broadcasting, Discovery Channel, WEtv, Travel Channel, TLC, Lifetime and GAC.

Heintz has also acted as a media consultant to multiple political organizations including two presidential campaigns.

Les Heintz founder of Heintz Media Group

Most recently, Heintz served as Executive Producer of The McLaughlin Group. The iconic series was re-booted in the Fall of 2019. Heintz is credited with securing national distribution for the project over Public Broadcasting. He also acts as Creative Director for and led the projects rebranding and marketing efforts.

As a marketing executive, Heintz  works with a broad range of clients and has received a number of prestigious awards including two regional Emmy Awards, first place in the New York Festivals, two CINE Golden Eagles, two Omni InterMedia awards, and a Silver at the Worldfest Film Festival, several Telly Awards.

He is former President of the CapitalEmmy Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He also served on the Board of Trustees to The National Academy.

Heintz launched his media company after working more than a decade in television news. His early work in journalism has been recognized by such groups as the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, White House News Photographers Association, the Associated Press, United Press International, the Ohio State Awards, the Radio & Television News Directors Association, and American Women in Radio & TV.

Les was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he met and married his high school sweetheart, Anne. They have two daughters, and currently reside outside of Washington, DC.

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