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AMERICAN WATER: A Documentary Series

A celebration of America’s most dazzling, beloved bodies of water both great and small … A rallying cry to protect our most important natural assets.

In Development

From Heintz Media Productions in association with Two Wise Monkeys … a series that celebrates America’s spectacular watery worlds that have a special place in all our hearts, our lives and our history

There are many wonderful documentaries about America’s iconic wild mountainous places, national parks like Yellowstone, Denali, The Tetons, Glacier Yosemite and the Grand Canyon.

But there has never been a series that looks at our bodies of water ... one living eden at a time

America hasn’t seen, nor truly appreciated our watery wonders. The Great Lakes, Florida’s Everglades, the Colorado River, Louisiana’s Bayous, Chesapeake Bay, the Okefenokee Swamp and even the Jersey Shore… all spectacular, vital and in need of


Every state in America has a special body of water place that’s near and dear to its people. AMERICAN WATER will put these exquisite, vital and fragile places on the map and make people appreciate them as never before!

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